The Crimson Tide

Model: Leanne
Makeup/Art Direction: Miss Sue Bee
Lighting: JJ
Behind The Scenes: Royal Ent. – Collin & Givinz buy levitra no prescription

Don’t you just love it when you plan for weeks and mother nature throws a wrench in your plans? This was the case here…. however she also gave us a backup and i think the shoot turned out better than expected and we ended up achieving the exact look we were going for. Another perfect ending to an awesome day of shooting. Thanks to Collin from Royal Ent. again for coming out and doing the behind the scenes, JJ for the assistance on the lights, and our courageous model Leanne for braving those rogue waves and sea urchins to make the shoot happen. cialis no prescriptionWatch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

The Crimson Tide - Cortez Vernon Photography

The Crimson Tide – Cortez Vernon Photography

The Crimson Tide - Vernon photography

The Crimson Tide – Vernon Photography cialis online kaufen mit rezept

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